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Chuck Temple

CHUCK TEMPLE is a successful entrepreneur and founder of three million-dollar, industry-leading companies. He launched his first startup, DVD Your Memories, with no outside funding or formal business education and grew it to become one of the largest and most successful personal media transfer companies in the US.

Chuck received his MBA from UC Davis focusing on entrepreneurship. While studying, Chuck and a fellow classmate won the Big Bang business competition with a new form of non-invasive female birth control - aptly named the PlayPatch.  

Chuck and his business partner Justin would eventually go on to found another company together - the Electric Scooter Guide. This personal mobility review site quickly became the largest media company in the world covering the personal electric scooter market.

Currently, Chuck teaches marketing at UC Berkeley Extension and as a business generalist, consults with other businesses to go from startup to sold. In his spare time, Chuck plays pickleball, hangs out with his toddler at the park, recently got into no-code programming, and launched his first web-app. 

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Press Release

The Raw, Nonglamorous, Messy Truth & Stuff You’re Not Going to Learn in Business School about Growing an Industry-Leading Company—Without Any Debt

THE TRUTH ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP: It’s chaotic and unforgivingly hard almost all the time. But it’s incredibly rewarding. In Startup to Sold, Chuck Temple leads you through his journey of going from a broke college graduate with no business education or experience to the successful owner of an industry-leading, multimillion-dollar company. You’ll follow Temple as he relates—with approachable humor and honesty—his path to creating, growing, and finally selling his startup company.


Balancing the lessons he learned in navigating business decisions with insights into his own personal growth on the entrepreneurial odyssey, Temple will help you discover how to advance from concept to company. From the small apartment where he fulfilled his first client’s order to the four thriving stores he was managing just before his company was acquired, Temple distills the useful tips, lessons learned, game-changing resources, and engaging anecdotes from his journey to help you on yours.

For first-time entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, Startup to Sold is an accessible, valuable tool that highlights the realities of what it takes to achieve entrepreneurial

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Speaking Topics and Book Excerpts

Quote Mark

Smack-you-in-the-face Therapy

What is going well and what is going wrong can always be traced back to those at the top. Good things about an owner become the strengths of the business; conversely, if an owner is weak in one area, the business will be weak in the same area. If owners pay attention and are willing to see the good and the bad about what they have created, they will have the opportunity to go through what I like to call “smack-you-in-the-face therapy.”

Quote Mark

Cognitive Dissonance

I believed with 100 percent conviction that I was going to accomplish the task I set out to do, and since the brain doesn’t understand time so well, it was confused about the reality that I hadn’t achieved that task yet. It was cognitive dissonance at its finest. When my brain thought it should be at the goal, but in reality I wasn’t there yet, my brain was constantly trying to bridge the gap.

Quote Mark

Risk vs Reward

But to grow a business, you have to take action—that’s a given. And since every action has a potential risk, you also have to take risks. I’m not a risk-taker—in fact, I’m very risk averse. Contrary to popular belief, so are many other entrepreneurs. But risk is almost always outweighed by reward for taking an action when you add in the second part of that reward: learning from your mistakes.

Quote Mark

Action -> Reward

In the brain of an entrepreneur, there is a direct, unavoidable link between the action taken and the reward.

Quote Mark

How to Know It's the Right Thing

Someone once asked me how I knew it was the right choice to continue growing my business. I remember at the time thinking that I didn’t have a choice. Instead it felt like the business had chosen me and wouldn’t loosen its grip.

Quote Mark

Controlling Your Life

There are two types of people in this world. The first type allows outside circumstances to dictate where their life will lead; they let life control them. The second type learns that they can change their own life—that they can dictate where the future leads and create their own opportunities. It is the second type of person who can become a successful entrepreneur.

Quote Mark


At the time, I was listening to Tony Robbins’s CDs, and he had a technique that I thought might work. If you wanted to change something about your life or rewire your brain in some way, he advised using a mantra. One stipulation was that the wording had to state the positive. For instance, my mantra couldn’t be I’m not scared in social situations, because that was a negative mantra. I thought about this for a while and came up with I’m calm, cool, and collected under pressure. That became my mantra.

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One of the downsides of being obsessed with the business was that only two things could free me from my obsessive thoughts: when I became interested in something else or when I had enough to drink. And since true obsession implies that nothing else can wrestle its way into your consciousness, alcohol became my outlet.

Quote Mark


Sometimes you look back at things that happened and say, “This was one of the hardest times in my life.” If you are a first-time business owner, you will be confronted with those times while you learn. Each time you grow, there will be growing pains. What makes you successful or not will be your grit. Do you give up easily when things get tough, or do you persevere?

Discussion Topics & Questions


What is the most forgotten foundational element in business?  

How did you go about becoming the highest reviewed personal media company on Yelp?

How do you go about building a website?

How did you use Google Ads to choose the name of your company?


How does business growth relate to real time strategy gaming?

How do you know when it is time to stop planning and start executing on that plan, especially if you know it is not perfect yet?

How do you think about risk when growing a business?

What is “smack-you-in-the-face therapy?”

Why did Noah (of Noah’s Bagels) tell you to not expand to Denver? Was he right?

I have kids and want to instill a good work ethic in them. What types of jobs are the best first jobs for my kids?

Hiring & Management

Why is it important to recognize the genius or super-powers in others?  How can we put our own ego aside to do this?

 Why did you let new hires know that they could steal from the company?

What are the three most important things to understand when onboarding a new employee?

Some people would say, if you’re not good at something then hire for it – why do you reject this advice?

What are some red flags you look for when hiring?

What do you mean when you say an employee starts out as “for me” and eventually becomes “for us?”


How did you maintain company culture while your company was growing?

Why is culture so important?

How do you know if your company has culture?

The Upside

What do you mean when you say, “the company gave me everything?”  

Not including financial, what were the benefits of owning a business?

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Book Chuck For a Podcast or Video 

Chuck is available and would love to be a guest on podcasts, videos, and panels, or to be a guest speaker at your event to speak on a variety of topics. He is recognized as a good speaker because he is engaging, funny, and brings a wealth of real-world experience - and he is not afraid to tell the raw truth about small businesses and startups.  

Podcast and Video Appearences

Briar Systems Podcast

San Diego Living Morning Show

DVD Your Memories was featured on a local new station morning show. There is a portion of Startup to Sold where I deal with the anxiety of going on this show.

Electric Scooter Podcast by Dagwood

Episodes 7 & 8

This interview with podcast host, Dagwood Streets, ended up becoming two episodes. 

Electric Scooter Guide Live Shows and Review Videos

Featured in 100+ Live Shows and 50+ Produced Videos

As a personal electric scooter influencer, I produced and hosted over 100 live shows, typically 1-2 hours each. I also produced and hosted video reviews. 

Local CBS Station


It is in everyone's best interest to make your podcast, video, or speaking event to be as successful as possible. To that end Chuck will offer these promotional strategies. 

Delivering Package


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