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Chapter Resources


Follow the links below for my favorite resources.

Chapter 1 / Learning How to Succeed at Anything

Foundations of an Entrepreneur

Chapter 4 / Perseverance: Getting a Business off the Ground

Fundamental Business Basics

Chapter 5 / Unexpected Success

(Advanced) Marketing Strategy and Hiring

Chapter 6 / How to Run a Business Without Going Crazy

Systematizing Your Business (Franchise Prototype)

  • Best books for systematizing your business

  • Free online tools for systematizing your business

Chapter 7 / Putting Our Best Foot Forward: Upgrading Our Branding and Website

Logo and Website Resources

  • Logo design resources

  • Web design resources

  • Free website analytics tools

Chapter 8 / A Nerd Culture Club

Core Values, Culture, and Leadership

  • How to define your mission, vision, and core values,

  • How to create and promote culture

Chapter 9 / An Obsession with Growing

Founder Personal Coaching

  • How to deal with business obsession and other psychological headaches of being the owner / CEO

  • How to use goal setting in business

  • How to manage your health: diet, managing energy and stress

Chapter 10 / Reality Check Halts the Expansion Train

Advanced HR Resources

  • HR benefits, policies

  • Employee and customer surveys

Chapter 11 / The 1st Second Store

Scaling and Growth

  • How to build consensus

  • Team strength-finding

  • Optimizing system build-out for maximum profitability

Chapter 12 / Improving the Ability to Get Things Done

Executive Management Coaching

  • Personal productivity tools and methods

  • Understanding micromanagement vs undermanagement

  • How to delegate

  • Favorite management books

Chapter 13 / Preparing for Act II

Next-Level Systems, Advanced Marketing, Building Sustainable Advantages

  • Remote management tools

  • Team collaboration software

  • Recommended accounting resources

  • How to become a tribe leader

  • Advanced social media marketing strategies

Chapter 14 / Diagnosing and Solving Sales Challenges

Optimizing Sales

  • Diagnosing declines in revenue

  • Understanding sales cycle

  • Phone sales tactics and strategy

  • Upselling strategy

  • Weaving sales into company culture

Chapter 15 / Go Big or Go Home

Advanced Business Analytics

  • Location research & strategy

  • Management systems for large teams

  • Sales analysis

  • Growth strategy

Chapter 16 / Reproducibility, Consistency, and the Franchise Mentality

Corporate Team Strategy

  • Corporate training

  • On-boarding corporate team

Chapter 18 / Recuperation and Forging Ahead

Managing Multi-Location Businesses

  • Keeping culture alive

  • Upgrading reporting systems

Chapter 19 / The Big Decision

Exit Strategy

  • How to estimate your company valuation

  • Make sure you have the contract right

  • Negotiating strategy

  • How to set up a company for a sale

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